No option to set Excluded Behaviors when fetching Reach Estimate


It looks like there is a missing option when fetching a Reach Estimate via the Ads API. We are able to set both behaviors and behaviors_expanded, but we are unable to set excluded_behaviors.

Is there a reason for this? I would say that the reach estimate is incorrect if we are excluding behaviors, but unable to set it while fetching the reach estimate.

Can you please advise? Where would we set excluded behaviors when fetching the reach estimate?


@msbukkuri thanks for reaching out. The current version of the reach estimator pre-dates our support for negative behaviors. As a result, support for negative behaviors wasn’t considered in the design.

You are correct that you can’t use negative behaviors with the reach estimator today. I agree it should be there though. Let me follow up and see what our plans are in terms planned future support for this.


@brandonmblack @hwz @jillblaz Is there any update on this?