No option of Cards coming for me on youtube...where to find?


Whatever I do my tweet does not make it a card…I mean how do I make my youtube video urls into cards?
After searching on google, I found that people go to ads and then to creatives tab…but there is no such tab in my ads page only analytics tab is there…I have got a headache trying to figure out how to implement a player card…I don’t want people to click view media…the player should be visible in the tweet so that people can click the play button and the video should play…Please help I don’t know where to ask for help, sorry if this is the wrong place.


If you post a YouTube link in a Tweet you’ll see a player as shown in your validated image above. That’s correct.


andy it does not appear like that…in the tweet only the description and the url appears…I want the player to appear when it goes to my followers…not that people have to click view media and then the player appears…


How can I make my youtube link appear like in the picture below on twitter?


Use a player card, not a YouTube link. Note that the image you’re sharing is the Tweet detail view, not the timeline view.


thats what I am asking how do I use a player card :frowning: thats what I cannot find…


If I put a youtube video in the tweet box and paste I get a small box where the play button is shown, how do I get a big box to show in timeline simillar to the image above…


That’s not how it works - the large view is in the Tweet detail view (when you click into the Tweet to display it fully) - you’ll only see a smaller clickable play button in the timeline view.


oh but in timeline I see twitter videos with already large box and autoplay also…I guess it does now work that way for youtube videos right?


If I post a YouTube URL in a Tweet, I see a player card in the timeline i.e. a click to play button which causes the Tweet to expand to play. I think only promoted video from the ads platform has an option to autoplay.


ok thanks thats what I wanted to know…that is what I am also getting, I was only confused that instead of the small box we could also get a already expanded box but I was wrong its not that way…people have to click the button to expand it…


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