No of user streams per instance


I tried to open 100 user-streams for 100 different users on an instance. However, i could only run around 5-6 streams. Of what i read, there is a limit per access token but not per Ip. May I know what is it that dosen’t allow me to create streams?


From the user streams docs:

Minimize the number of connections your application makes to User Streams. Each Twitter account is limited to only a few simultaneous User Streams connections per OAuth application, regardless of IP. Once the per-application limit is exceeded, the oldest connection will be terminated. An account logging in from too many instances of the same OAuth application will cycle connections as the application instances reconnect and disconnect each other.


I make only one connection per user. But I want to provide streams to multiple users. I can run upto 10 streams but not more


Also from the docs:

Also note that the number of simultaneous connections per IP address is still limited, regardless of application.

I’m afraid that you will not be able to achieve what you are trying to do using the streaming API.


Yes I figured that.! I have applied for the site stream, but i m afraid that wont help either


If I want to load one user’s home timeline/@mentions/liked tweets all in real time, do I open three concurrent streams? Or do I open just one user stream and parse all the data from that (even though it does not include @mention data).