No notifications on mobile devices by @mention recently


I have been using twitter4j 3.0.4 snapshot version to tweet status updates for some time,

In my status updates, I am mentioning another accounts that linked to my android and iPad can receive the tweets and popup immediately on both devices.

However I found since yesterday when I use API to tweet, both my devices are not popping up. WhenI login from these devices Ican see I am being mentioned. So the API can post status updates.

I try to login using twitter webpage and post almost the same message(with a character removed) and both of my devices do have popup.

I am wondering if twitter have disabled real time notification on mobile devices if the status updates come from twitter4j API?Do anyone have similar experiences these days?

I tried using direct message method its working fine with popup.


anyone can help? I have same problem too…


@ormitamedia happened these days also?


It looked like the problem resumed itself today.