No metatags found, even though they're scrapped through Twitterbot



For some reason card validator doesn’t seem to be able to retrieve metatags from my website, even though it’s fully scrappable through Twitterbot & cURL.

All I get is:
INFO: Page fetched successfully
WARN: No metatags found

Here’s an example url I’m trying to implement cards on:

I’ve tried everything, compared headers to some other working websites and even matched the HTML structure, but to no effect, validator can’t read metadata from my website.

What could be the reason for this? Any tips on what might I be doing wrong?

Update: I’ve made a small test website and put in on the same server and… well, metatags work perfectly on it, which confuses me even more. It’s 100% not a server issue and I don’t see any errors in the markup of my “big” website.

Update 2: Server’s firewall doesn’t block Twitter’s IPs, I’ve even copied the files from one domain to another and… well, everything works just fine on the other domain, even though both are hosted on the same server.

Update 3: Was wondering if it might have something to do with CloudFlare, but after turning it off nothing has changed, so I guess not :(.


It’s odd, because I do see the cards markup in the page you’ve linked to - although at the moment, you have two lots of markup, one with " and one with ’ on the values, and they are two different card types. Could you try cleaning that up down to the one set? It doesn’t explain why the validator is not seeing any tags at all, though… and I don’t see anything strange in the server response.


I have cleaned up the tags, removed the unnecessary ones (OpenGraph duplicates) and changed them all to be surrounded with " - sorry for that, it was a temporary thing as I was trying to find a solution.

As I was testing I also found out that removing OpenGraph tags and leaving Twitter tags only also didn’t help, unfortunately :(.


Hi @kamilwolter - I think this is fixed in your case now. Apologies. We made some infrastructure changes on our side last week that caused a temporary glitch for some cards. I’m looking into ways that we can improve the experience in future!


Thanks @andypiper! Keep up the good work.