No meta tags found


I have read all the posts I can find on this subject and I still cannot get it working.

When I test through the validator it says the page was fetched but no meta tags were found.

I have no idea why this might be at all. The page works in all other respects and the code I used was the same as for another site I made for someone else and that has no problems.

If anyone has any idea at all, I would be so grateful!

Here is a link:


Indeed it looks like it should work. I can’t find any issues looking at your markup that would prevent the card from working. Looks like maybe this is an issue with the Card Validator tool.


Well, the cards are not showing up on tweets either. Very frustrating.


Yeah sure, the card needs validation and whitelisting so it’s obvious that they won’t show up. But as the validator for some reason is not able to render the card, you can’t make the whitelist request.


Getting the same issue too across the board on my WP sites

Here’s an example,

Been using Jetpack, Yoast and manually coding metatags in with no success.

Would be great to get an update if the validator is not working!


Your card works fine here and it’s whitelisted:


@ePirat Hi there, thanks - I fixed issue yesterday and got cards verified. Was getting 406 errors, spoke to webhosts who fixed.


What did you do to fix it?


I spoke to my web hosting company. It was something in their config. Have a check of your server logs to see what error was being generated and that should give more details.


I am still at a loss as to what is going wrong.

Are there any twitter staff members kicking around?