No Indian time zone or time on Twitter ads page


It is March, 2017 and still there is no Indian standard time or any India time on Twitter ads page. I see many other old queries or post regarding the same but no official comment yet.


Please allow us to raise feedback about this issue, but I would consult with Twitter sales organization to find out how in general advertisers are currently running especially if you have specific Indian advertisers you are working with.



@ZynomTech: Thanks for raising this issue and noting that you found various unresolved posts related to it.

As this previous post states, “these aren’t time zones we can support.” We have raised this again internally and have come to the same conclusion. This is not something we will support.

Indian Timezone is GMT +5:30 . ????

If we select for near by timezone means opting asia/dhaka, does it impact on result or it’ll be useless.


@haul_tips: It sounds like your question is whether selecting something like Asia/Dhaka impacts or affects business results, right? If so, the answer is no. Choosing this time zone will not impact business results.