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Hi all,

I’m struggling with the Twitter Cards on my website.
The image doesn’t appear at all.

I looked in the previous discussions but I didn’t find the fix for my problem yet.

The website is in a WP Multisite and use a Child theme. Could this be the problem?
I created and edited the robots.txt file as suggested here

Any help would be highly appreciated.


This file disallows Twitterbot from reading anything.

This file (which is from the domain where your image is hosted) prevents all robots from reading anything.


Thanks a lot Andy,

I deleted the file but I don’t find the file and I can’t edit it.

Any advice about this?


Hi Andy,

I managed to edit the file but nothing changed.
Should I wait a while to see if everything works fine now? Or it’s not fixed yet.



Both of those files still look the same to me, unless something is cached somewhere.

As the cards troubleshooting guide says, it can take up to 7 days for the crawler to refresh it’s view of a page.


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