No image appearing in Twitter Cards / also not in validator tool



here is an sample page for a news:

* was approved yesterday, but the twitter card doesn´t show the newsimage. The validator tool says, the url is correct, the image also exists, but it want shown in the validator tool ans alos not in tweets.

Any ideas what’s wrong?

// Oliver Trebes


thats the metatags of this single page

// Oliver Trebes



still got the problem with the images, could anybody help?

// Oliver Trebes


The same problem here.

The validator tool says that everything is fine, including the image. However when tweeting a new post there is no images attached in the Twitter summary.

I have opened a claim post but no answers so far.


Same problem here.


Hi there I am having the same trouble I have summary cards and product approved but no sign of the cards. Also I can’t seem repost any cards from other sites that have cards


After a couple of weeks, the problem still exists.
Could anybody help us?

//Oliver Trebes


See instructions at on how to make sure your robots.txt is not blocking access to the image from our crawler.


thanks, will check this


My card images were failing because there were spaces in the image filenames. Changed those to hyphens, ran the URL through the validator tool again, saw the image, posted the tweet again, and the card looked ok.