No foto on Twitter Card, View summary first


I’ve JM Twitter card plug-in in my wordpress blog. The plug-in is activate, robot.txt is ok, card validator has whitelisted my url. All seems to be ok.
When I publish a tweet, I have to clic on “View Summary” to see the foto. I want to see the foto automatically, how can I do that?
Thank you for your help.


This is the way that Twitter cards are designed to work - you need to click View Summary to see the expanded card.

To see an image on the card in the timeline you have two options:

  • post an image natively to Twitter along with your Tweet.
  • promote the Tweet using our Ads console.



Thank You for your answer.
So if I want to see the foto automaticaly in my tweets, i have to join a foto; then What Is The interest of a Twitter card ?
I join a file, can You confirm That it Is not a Twitter card?.

Thank you For The attention.