No "follow" event triggered when using the Follow Button in Internet Explorer


I’m not currently seeing a ‘follow’ event when using the Follow Button with Internet Explorer in versions 9, 10 or 11. Other common browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Safari) fire the event as expected.

I’m using the Follow Button in a live implementation on a very large scale, so the lack of this event is affecting current functionality.

After creating a simple test page using example code from the developer docs to rule out code on my end, I’m still consistently not seeing any ‘follow’ event for IE. Although the ‘click’ event does continue to operate as expected. Digging further, I can see the messages between the popup and the original page are not being passed as intended in IE, and therefore no event is fired on the original page.

From my perspective this has worked in the past and feels like this might have changed recently, although I’m not able to pinpoint exactly when.

Was there a recent change made to this flow that would specifically affect Internet Explorer? Is anyone else experiencing similar issues?