No 'domain' field when creating a Twitter Timeline widget



Hi guys,

Trying to create a simple widget that will display a twitter timeline on a website of mine. From what I can see from all the other forum feedback, all I need to do it add my domain to the ‘Domain’ field.

The problem is, there is no ‘Domain’ field.

The last field in the list is ‘Link Color’ and then ‘Opt out of tailoring Twitter’

Help please!


What would you like to display on your website? A list of the most recent Tweets from your Twitter account?


A list of most recent tweets from @MyVoiceMarl which is not my account but I want to show their most recent tweets :smile:


Create a new embedded user timeline while logged in to Twitter


So I don’t need to create a widget for MyVoice? How do I create an embedded timeline :slight_smile:


This is what I am supposed to see, with the ‘Domain’ field



This is what I actually see, with no ‘Domain’ filed to actually fill out



Is MyVoice the WordPress plugin?

If you use WordPress you should be able to generate widget HTML on Twitter and copy-and-paste the result into a text / HTML widget in your widget editor.


Nope sorry this has nothing to do with Wordpress.

The Twitter timeline I want to embed into a website is from an account called @MyVoiceMarl and I just want to use the Twitter widget simply to do this.

The problem is there is no “domain” field where there should be, if you can see from the images I provided.


There is no domain field. You should be able to generate widget HTML for use on your site from the URL below.


Hi Nic,

To clarify for Niall, there is no-longer a domain field in the widget configurator: We removed that requirement some time ago and you can now set up your widget and paste it wherever you need it to go.

Out of interest, which documentation were you reading that including that old screenshot? Our developer docs removed references to the domain field some time back but if there’s a stray page or some other support document that’s misleading I’d love to get it fixed! Thanks!



Hi Ben, thanks for clearing that up! I was so confused but that makes sense that it’s not there if it has been removed :smile:

I’m not sure where I saw it sorry, it was somewhere on the Twitter forum inter webs.

The code itself generated from the widget still doesn’t work in my website. It just shows ‘Tweets from @MyVoiceMarl’ as a link, but no timeline, so not sure what what’s still wrong



A link without a widget displayed is an indicator Twitter’s widgets JavaScript did not load on your page.

View source of the page and search for “” to make sure the JavaScript in the markup you copy-and-pasted into your website made it into the final page. Disable ad blockers or anything else which might interfere with your loading of the page to be sure you are viewing a similar version of the page as your audience.