No data returned from Twitter public stream api


Since we have confirmed that filter_level is not working on any level that is not low. How can we address this issue?

We have reached rate limitation since we set the filter level to be “Low”. This is a serious problem that we need to have a clear answer that how to receive most tweets for consumers since the document saying: “When displaying a stream of Tweets to end users (dashboards or live feeds at a presentation or conference, for example) it is suggested that you set this value to medium.”

Thank you very much


Please see the following issue. Thank you very much!


There were some issues with OVH network slowness connecting to our endpoints recently, which we believe are now resolved.

Note that is not a documented or supported API endpoint, and if you are trying to use it directly then the IP may well have been blocked by our system.


Are there any news? medium filter level still seems to be not working.


Any update on this? The documentation that I have seen suggests that filter_level is still in the current api, but it doesn’t seem to return any tweets when filter level is set to medium. It would be really useful to understand if the filter_level should work and if it has a future