No cards showing up only link when sharing



When I share a post from this wordpress website

then there is only a link showing up and not the description and photo that i want. Does anyone here know how to solve it. Would be really grateful for some help. I am using the yoast -plugin!


Peeking into the source code of that page, I do see the meta tags that appear to be correct on first look. However, the Card Validator states it cannot show a preview.


Yes it is something weird going on. When I runt it in the card validator everything looks fine but doing it live doesn’t work… Do you have any recommendations on how to solve this?


Not sure what changed in the past 24 hours, but I just Tweeted this link and the summary large image card seems to be working fine now :slightly_smiling:


Andy piper!
I believe it works because I ran that picture through the card validator. If you try to tweet any other picture on the website there is no picture and description… Do you understand what is wrong? Would be so grateful for some help!


I just tried Tweeting a link to your most recent blog post and that also works fine. You mention Tweeting “any other picture”, can you explain what you mean by this? For example, which URLs that you expect to display a card in a Tweet, do not show the card?


Okay I can see that it works with the picture aswell when you do it from your phone but when I share if from my computer only this shows up. I can see that the photo is attached when I view my tweets but not on this view…

is it supposed to look like that when shared from computer? Thanks


Hi Alice, Twitter Cards only show up after the Tweet has been posted, since the meta data are only crawled from the URL when the Tweet gets sent.


Yes thank’s for the respond!

okay I understand about the picture then but why isn’t there a view of the description like example

Or how do I make that appear then?


You can use the Tweet button to add text to the Tweet before your link is included.


aha ok so there is no simple code I could put in to make the description appear when I use the twitter button I have now? thanks


If you simply put &text=Your%20text%20here after the link in your Tweet share URL, it will be placed in the Tweet box with the URL - but you’d have to do that for each of your pages. I assume you have a plugin or some other tool which is adding the Twitter markup for you, which might make this easier.


Right now it looks like this

Where should i put in “&text=Your%20text%20here”?

thanks for the help!


after the ?url=<?php the_permalink() ?> (that’s the bit that adds the URL into the Tweet), you should append &text=xxx (or whatever text you want to include).


okay but I want the description text to the picture that would show if I shared it on the twitter app…?


Since your code is WordPress, I assume you’d append the same code that you have in your meta tag, like this:

<!-- meta tag might look like this -->
<meta name="twitter:description" content="<?php the_excerpt() ?>">

<!-- Tweet button would then look like this, copying the meta content tag from above -->
  <li><a target="_blank" href="<?php the_permalink() ?>&amp;text=<?php the_excerpt() ?>" class="icon-twitter"></a></li>

Watch out to escape the ampersand as &amp; when coding raw HTML.

Find more information in the WordPress support forums.
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