No Card Found (Card Error)


Having an issue with my Twitter Cards passing through the validator. Getting the following message:

INFO: Page fetched successfully
INFO: 3 metatags were found
ERROR: No card found (Card error)

I’ve looked at other tickets where folks have had these issues and it seems like each one was unique to each person’s tech stack. Therefore, I’m wondering if something in my tech stack is causing Twitter to not be able to see my cards.

Running the following:

  • Wordpress
  • Yoast SEO Plugin
  • Cloudflare
  • Elementor Page Builder
  • Autooptimize Plugin
  • Etc.

I have all of the tags in place for a summary_large_image card so that’s not the issue.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Still have not been able to find a resolution for this.

Opened a ticket with Cloudflare who advised pausing my Cloudflare account temporarily to eliminate it as the potential source of the issue. After doing this the Twitter Cards still aren’t being detected despite being present in the code.

Reactivated Cloudflare after enough time had passed to ensure caching wasn’t an issue.

Any assistance would be appreciated!


Hi @jacobstoops - which card validator are you using? I just tried passing in the three URLs you provided in your first post and got an INFO: Page fetched successfully response each time.

Can I also check that you have read through the post below, as it might contain useful infomration?


Apologies. Yes, I was still having the issue as of maybe a few days ago and hadn’t heard anything on here at that point, so I went through my tech stack and did a little more troubleshooting.

I came to find out that the issue was related to my use of the Autooptimize Wordpress plugin for Wordpress, specifically inlining all of my CSS (which I’d done for page speed reasons). Turns out that it was pushing all of the tagging information way down on the page, and even though the tags were present and correct, the Twitter validator wasn’t picking them up.

Once I stopped inlining all of my CSS the issue cleared up.

This ticket can be marked as fixed.



Thanks @jacobstoops - I’m glad you found a solution.

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