No accounts found


Our app has been approved today for Ads API. We want to pull campaign-level data from our advertising account using our user account and Developer OAuth Token from our approved app. Our user is set as an account administrator in the advertising account settings and he should normally be able to read data.

When we call the API endpoint /accounts, there is no accounts accessible by our user/app:

{ request: { params: {} },
  data: [],
  data_type: 'account',
  total_count: 0,
  next_cursor: null }

Here is our APP ID : 14077444.

Thank you for your help!

No accounts found with /accounts endpoint

Hey @kmatrah

This is definitely an odd case. I’ve confirmed that your app does have access to the Ads API. In order to help further diagnose the issue, can you please let us know the exact request and response bodies from twurl? Additionally, can you provide us the Ads account id(s) that you’re expecting to find in the response?




I don’t know why or if something has changed on your side but it seems to work now!

twurl -H "" "/2/accounts/"

Thank you for your help!


Awesome! Not entirely sure what was going on, but please reach out in case you see the issue again.