No accounts found with /accounts endpoint


Hi !
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Our app seems to have the same issue with the endpoint /accounts
Every request made with different oauth tokens leads to a list of empty accounts :

twurl -H "" "/3/accounts/"

The same request was previously working less than a week ago.

When we target a specific account which should appears in the list, it works great :

twurl -H "" "/3/accounts/18ce53wp4i9"

Our app ID is 14378476

Thanks in advance !


@Chokapix41: Thanks for the question. I have a good idea of what may be going on. Let me investigate further and get back to you later this week.


I have the same problem. My API stopped suddenly working, due to empty response from accounts endpoint.
Example account is @LevuroTest and the ads id: 18ce54ngtw6

The API works if I put the account id (analytics, scheduling), but still GET accounts returns nothing.


@Chokapix41 and @malaimihai: We’ve resolved this issue. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.