Next step after getting user token and token secret on app behalf



I’ve managed to implement the 3 steps sign-in process and successfully stored the access_token and token_secret on behalf of my application. Looks something like this:

    oauth_token: '4xxxxxxxx-asdasdasd......',
    oauth_token_secret: 'XXX........',
    user_id: '4xxxxxxxx' 

The next step in not clear to me. The documentation does not note how to use those credentials to further get data on that user. Say, for example, I want to retrieve the user campaigns via the Twitter Ads API.
How do I use my stored user credentials to authenticate this request? As a Basic Authentication in the header? is it something else?

Thanks before


@AlonWeissfeld what are you using for an OAuth 1.0a library in your authorization flow? I can try to give you a concrete example with that library.