next_cursor_str always returns 0


Hi, I’m trying to get all retweeters from tweet with id: 308018633223860225 using GET statuses/retweeters/ids. But it returns only 93 ids instead of 162! It also returns always zero for “next_cursor_str”, even if I set count to 10 or 100.
Tried the same for Tweets with more than 1,000 retweets.


I got a similar problem.
I called GET statuses/retweeters with tweet id 266031293945503744
( , retweeted by 794,592 users)

It returned only 97 user ids, and next_cursor, next_cursor_str, previous_cursor, previous_cursor_str are always 0.

I think this API is not functioning properly.


The statuses/retweeters method can only return you 100 possible results – there is no way to “cursor” beyond that result set… due to the way collections are built, you aren’t guaranteed the full 100 (some might be outside of your viewability).


So uh, is this a known issue or by design? The endpoint spec literally lists cursor as supported: