Next_cursor error 429 to many requests


I am getting a new next cursor id each request call and it is uses for next 20 results (followers/list) when I make the request and it is reaches call 15 I get error 429 to many requests. I thought I can page up to 5000 followers per 20 page until the next_cursor response = o. I am only trying to fetch 520 followers . It is treating my request like full get requests. 15 calls only equals 250 followers.


You can page 5000 followers with the friends/ids and followers/ids methods, but the friends/list and followers/list methods offer only twenty results per virtual page/cursor.


Yes i understand that what i am saying i can only receive 15 virtual pages of twenty results and then the error 429 too many request is displayed which means the next cursor can never get to 0 total followers = 520 which equals 26 virtual pages i cannot get past 15 virtual pages, Am i missing something here!


Every method has its own rate limit – for some users, 15 requests on the friends/list or followers/list methods will be enough to obtain all possible results. For others it won’t be and you’ll have to wait until the next rate limit window. Or use alternate approaches, like friends/ids or followers/ids and users/lookup.


So just to clarify It is only 15 pages with results of 20 users(per page) every 15 minutes = Total results in a 15 minute window is 300 .then you must wait for next window is that correct ?


I might add we are talking only about next cursor if the previous cursor is used each previous call is also part of the limit