News feed images show on twitter but not tweetdeck


I am using Twitter as a news feed, posting articles from icoreader and also using feedburner to auto post articles. I noticed that the articles contain images on Twitter but the same article when appearing on Tweetdeck does not show images. Is there a way to rectify this? The same article shows images on my personal blog. So it seems like a Tweetdeck problem. Thanks for any response.



If the images are a result of Cards (i.e. the Tweet contains a link to a website which has markup describing the image to display) then the will show in the Tweet detail view in Tweetdeck, but not in the timeline column view. This is how Tweetdeck works. Unfortunately this is not a developer platform question so we are unable to help you further on these forums.


Thank you for your response. Still working on this.

When I open someone’s newsfeed tweet with an image in the timeline and go the source, then tweet the article from that source, the image again does not show in my column/timeline ie:

Nor does any tweet show an image from many sources I tried. except for youtube. Various newsfeeds do show images in the tweetdeckcolumns/ timelines.

So I assume others found a method of overcoming the problem.


The method that they are using - specifically for Tweet ID 904001065502343168 you reference here - is that the Tweet has an image directly attached to the post. This will show in Tweetdeck columns view. This is not a Twitter card from the link that is included in the post.


I am not sure if this is the right thread, but I have similar issue while trying to fetch my twitter feed on my website. After adding the script in the widgets sections, I can see my tweets in the sidebar but there are no images.

As far as I could debug, this has something to do with twitter’s api and caching on my website. Can anyone please help how to solve this? My website ( is made using wordpress.

Thanks in advance.