Newbie - Want to be able to read a certain hastag posted to a certain account


I am trying to write an app in either JS/JQUERY (heard it doesn’t authenticate properly in v1.1?) or ASP.NET to read tweets posted to a certain account with a specific hastag.

This would need to be as close to real time as possible.

First question is - is this the best api to use or should I use the REST api?
second question is - Is there a resource or documentation on the different variables I can use to achieve this?

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @WelliXL:

(1) If you choose to use the REST API, you would have to grab a user’s timeline and then do pattern-matching for the hashtag in your own code, as the REST API does not currently support a search parameter for the [node:9537, title=“GET statuses/user_timeline endpoint”].

However, with the Streaming API, you can use the [node:10392, title=“GET user endpoint”] with the [node:5892, hash=“track”, title=“track parameter”] to stream only Tweets that include the given terms (including hashtags) from a given user’s timeline. Because you said that you need this to be as close to real time as possible, I suspect that this would be the best option for you. (Keep in mind, however, that if you find yourself needing to backfill data, you will have to use the REST API and do the pattern matching in your code anyway.)

(2) I’m not sure that I understand your question, but if I didn’t implicitly answer it above, I might suggest taking a look at our list of [node:126]. While we don’t support them directly (and we don’t necessarily endorse any one over the others), many of them have good resources and documentation to help you in developing your app.

However, we do encourage you to avoid JavaScript (or any exclusively client-side language), as there are significant challenges in keeping access tokens and secrets secure.