Newbie : Twitter embeded timeline in Chrome Extension


Hello guys :slight_smile: !

I’m calling for your help because i want to develop my own chrome-extension. To do that i have 3 files : manifest, html popup, and a js file. I want to embeded any twitter user timeline in this little popup that show when you clicked on it but i don’t know how to load a twitter widget with my js file to the HTML page.

Keep in mind that my HTML page can’t load any inline js script because it’s a security. What i just want so is to be able to load timeline in a

or something else in a html page from a js file.

Can someone help me please ?


Is the twttr.widgets.createTimeline JavaScript function useful? Configure a data type and specify a container for the rendered widget for dynamic insertion without a DOM scan.


I’m not sure of what you expect, i’ve done this can you tell me what is wrong ?


You did not load Twitter’s widgets JavaScript. Use the asynchronous loading code with a configured function queue:

Pass your JavaScript code depending on a loaded version of widgets-js into the JavaScript function queue to be executed once widgets-js is available.

twttr.ready(function (twttr) {


I understand nothing, i need someone who can give me a full code example to understand


It sounds like you may need to seek additional JavaScript and Chrome extension knowledge. We are only able to support you to the extent that you are using the Twitter platform and APIs.

It is possible that another member of the developer community can offer advice, but @niall has provided support on the standard Twitter developer interfaces. Good luck!