Newbie question



I am new to the OAuth process.

I’ve created an account on On the details tab, I see the “Consumer key” and “Consumer secret”. On the same tab, I also see the “Access token” and “Access token secret”.

Looking at some examples that use the OAuth Twitter API, it seems that my app has to first ask for a “request token” and “request token secret” key using the “Consumer key”. Upon receiving the “request token and secret”, my app has to use that information to request Twitter for an “access token” and an “access token secret” key. Only then my application can make Twitter API call and get information from Twitter.

My question is that if the “Access token” and “Access token secret” are displayed to me on my --> details tab, then why does my app have to request for them again by asking for the request token first and use that to get the “Access token and secret” values?

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