Newbie question : How putting my tweets on my website and customize them (with CSS?)


Hi everyone,

I’m beginning twitter experience for my website so excited ^^
I want to know how can I put my tweets on my website (so much links in documentation…) and how can I do to customize them?
I found the widget but it’s so poor to customize…

Thanks for your help =)


Up =)


Up again ?


This is such a vague question that it’s difficult to answer. If you’re comfortable with Javascript, HTML, and CSS, you could fetch the JSONP version of the public_timeline endpoint for your account:

Then in Javascript, you’d parse the response, output the Tweets to your HTML DOM, and then use CSS styles to style the Tweet content.


Wow, I don’t know if I will be able to do this currently but thanks for your answer, I study the question (and it will be useful for users who will have the same question) =)


Sure, and I’m happy to try and answer if you have more specific questions.

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