Newbie Question - Getting a total count of hashtags



I’m new to working with APIs and only just getting started. Is there a way I can get a count on total tweets about a particular hashtag? Looking at this count historically and over a period of the last 7 days.

Any inputs on steps on how to accomplish this would be super useful.




Take a look at the REST API endpoint search/tweets. It will give you tweets going back about a week, but it only gives you a maximum of 100 tweets at a time. So, depending on how many tweets have the hashtag, you will need to call search/tweets multiple times.

Here are the relevant links:


Hi @boxnumber03

Thanks for the pointers. Although I see these services like KeyHole, Topsy that are able to show historic data. Anything I can do to achieve this?


The best you could do is keep a filter stream continuously open and to save the tweets to a database for future use.