Newbie Question: Display home page- like list of tweets from all my subscriptions in my website



I have got a small piece of code working on my website written in html/javascript/jquery, by which I am able to display the list of MY tweets only.
After a lot of searching I have found most examples, with an option of hardcoding the users whose tweets I want to be displayed.

Now, my requirement is to see all the tweets from all the users I have decided to follow, without hardcoding a list (just like on the twitter homepage). So, I send my username and I get a time line of limited ( say about 20) tweets from all the users I am following. I’m hoping there is already an API for this that I missed out on. :frowning:


There’s no public API for this at this time. One solution you could use is to build a Twitter list containing the users you want to display on your site, and then use the Twitter list widget to display it. I believe has some tools you can use to make the process of creating that list easier.


Thanks much !


Can you change your AVI from a mobile device ?