Newbei question


I have embedded a ‘List Timeline’ my website.
All the tweets from the accounts included in my ‘List’ can be seen in the timeline. But I cannot see the tweets of other people who tweet to the timeline of these account.
Being new to this I have couple of questions.

  1. Is it possible that if someone tweet on the timeline, of the account included in my ‘List’, also appear in my website?
  2. I have embedded a tweet button (bellow the timeline in webpage). Is it possible that tweets through this button show up in the timeline?
  3. How can I include my account in the List?


A Twitter list contains specific accounts. A list timeline includes public Tweets from members of the list.

You may embed Tweets from a list of Twitter accounts curated by someone else: astronauts-in-space-now by NASA for example. Only the NASA Twitter account may add new members to the astronauts-in-space-now list.

If a Tweet button contains a unique hashtag or other unique text you may create an embedded search timeline to display a sampling of recent Tweets containing those terms.


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