Newb Question - Is there a test app for the twitter API?


I’m looking into the twitter trends API at I’m interested in generating output for this API. However, I am not much of a coder . I was able to create a test app which enables me to create the OAuth token. But, when I try to use Curl to run the request, it fails. Is there an easier way. Again, I just want to play with the the parameters of this call and look at the output. Is there a way to create a URL and just stick it into my browser?


Hey Dave! Welcome to the Twitter API!

Unfortunately, you can’t just put stuff in your browser, as that doesn’t access the API with the right authorization, and we don’t offer ready-made test apps.

The first thing I’d recommend to you is checking out [node:138, title=“the Twitter API Console”].

Once you’re comfortable with that, you should try to get those cURL commands working.

Then, you might be ready to try your hand at implementing some of the [node:126], many of which have what you might call built-in “test apps” that let you try out some basic functionality to verify that the library works for you.

Good luck!