New window opens up after authentication with @anywhere on MSIE


I have the @Anywhere sign in with twitter stuff integrated into a page of ours, which is working perfectly on all browser, except for MSIE. I’ve tested with 8 and 9, and on both there is this odd behaviour where sometimes, after the twitter allow click, a new window or tab is opened. Once that is closed, the operation works fine, but it’s annoying to have another red herring window in the view.

I searched for a while and found nothing - is this a known issue? Any suggestions out there?


I’ll report this to the team for investigation.


Cool - thanks! I’m pretty sure the behavior can be reproduced at:

You’ll need to click on the Yes or No buttons, and then sign in with twitter. It may not manifest until after a couple of reloads or retries. The number on the end can be changed up or down to find more questions that haven’t yet been answered. Let me know if I can help at all. I’ve seen the behaviour on IE8 on XP, and IE9 on Win7.


Any word on this by any chance, maybe a workaround? We are seeing this “open window” problem as well. Thanks.


Same problem here. Only happens second time after logout and login again…