New widget doesn't work in IE or Chrome


I have been using the old widget for years on our website. I’m just going through creating a new version of the site, and am trying to get the new widget to work. This is not a WP or other CMS site; it’s coded in PHP.

I generated the code at the twitter site, and added the generated code to my site (in the right column of the page) with size set to w 200, h 300, using the info from the developers page (adding height and width to the anchor tag).

The anchor link shows up on the site, but nothing else. Clicking the link does take me to our twitter page. But the actual box showing the current tweets does not display under that link on my page. If I check the source of the page (view source) I see the script is embedded.

I’ve checked the page with both IE and Chrome, but neither of them shows the tweet list.

I’ve seen various comments here about ‘including domain’ - I can’t see where that is used in the widget generator, or in the script, so I haven’t been able to check that. But I have checked my page with URLs using the www. prefix and without - same result.

The test site is

Grateful for any help on this one!