New Twitter Card Developer - Help - have few questions - appreciate it!


Hi everyone. I am a developer and I read through documentation on implementing cards. I tried doing my first card and followed the steps provided.

My questions are:

  1. Does the video have to be at https:// on my server? So, do I have to get an SSL CERT and install that first to my server? Have not done that yet, and was trying to do without https on my server, as that is an added cost. Or alternatively, could I drop the video to youtube first and then use the https you tube URL and therefore not have on my server?

And secondly on this, any advantage to have the video on my server versus on youtube?

  1. For the container file, instead of being “container.html” can I do this instead "/container/ which is a php file. The full URL will be this then " -Or- MUST it be exactly as this to work-