New Tweet updates - reply_count


I am looking to get the “reply_count” it is one of the added feature on the new update, but still i can’t get by code. I get the 280 char. added but reply_count no. any help.

Link for Sample Tweet with 280 characters::smile:

Thank you for your help.

Reply_count attribute missing from tweet object

That field is only offered in the premium and enterprise API tiers and we need to do better at documenting this restriction.


Hi Andypiper,
So how you suggest to get reply Count without this feature, if there is a way.



The only way is to apply for premium API access.


Hi Andypiper,
thank you Andypiper, some thing else what about the number of followers i can get with premium API access is there any modification in that, because you can get 5000 only is there any change.


Premium API access is prohibitively expensive for individual use. What is the rationale for hiding such a prominently displayed value on a tweet behind a paywall?


This is primarily historical.

The standard APIs have never contained these values across the history of the Twitter platform. The enterprise APIs have done so since they have been in existence.

The premium APIs are built on the enterprise technology platform and there is currently no plan to extend these values to the standard tier (just as there’s no current plan to add other Tweet enrichments to the standard tier). If it helps, these values are present in the free Sandbox for the premium API products.

We apologise that this is a disappointing situation for some developers. Please follow the roadmap for future updates.


Agree with @IPM_GS that it would be nice to include reply_count in the /statuses/lookup response.

@ISSAMMANSOUR: if you’re desperate, there is a way to obtain the number of replies by scraping the web page of the tweet and regexp-matching for

reply-count-aria-${tweet.id_str}.*?(\d+) replies

PS: This is a duplicate of Reply_count & quote_count not available in statuses/lookup answer and should have been closed as such, with the original thread left open until Twitter hopefully fixes the problem.


Just to be clear, the Twitter Terms of Service (that you are subject to as a developer) explicitly states that web scraping is not permissible:

(NOTE: crawling the Services is permissible if done in accordance with the provisions of the robots.txt file, however, scraping the Services without the prior consent of Twitter is expressly prohibited)