New sync/async media uploads compatibility


With the new sync/async media upload processes, a limitation has been introduced into the logic by which video files can be uploaded to twitter. In this case, our production app is failing uploads which are more than 15MB, as they are now to be managed via the async process, and the new STATUS command and related errors are not supported by our code.
As our client upgrade rate is currently very low (and slow) we would want to know if any backwards compatibility plans are in order, such as moving the delay con async video processing to Twitter instead of the client (i.e. accept the tweet and delay it).
Also, about this, we can remotely modify endpoint URLs on at least one of our apps. Is there any compatible URL endpoint set for this?



@pevasquez Thanks for contacting us. Longer video support is a backward compatible change so it shouldn’t impact your existing client. We are indeed thinking about your suggestion (accept the tweet and delay it) but it may not be available anytime soon.

We don’t have any media category specific URL endpoint for uploads that you can use to modify your existing client. It is a cool trick but it brings more pain than gain for us.


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