New subscription and Tweet volume metrics in the premium API dashboard



For those of you using our premium APIs, we’re introducing new usage metrics to the developer portal dashboard.

Introducing subscription usage for the premium Account Activity API

After launching our premium Account Activity API earlier this year, we heard your requests for greater visibility into the number of active users you have subscribed. To help you keep track, we’ve developed a new dashboard module providing this metric in real-time, and updated the ‘Subscriptions’ page to also include them.

Additionally, we’ve made this metric available programmatically. We updated the GET subscriptions/count endpoint to now also return the number of provisioned subscriptions associated with your Account Activity API instance. See the documentation for details.

New Tweet volume usage for the premium Search APIs

Similarly, to help you better understand your Tweet consumption each month, we’ve added a new Tweet volume module to the dashboard. Beginning today, when you log in to the developer portal dashboard, you’ll be able to get an accurate sense of your current Tweet consumption, alongside your total number of requests for the current month.

Log in to your developer portal account today to view each of these within the dashboard