New Social Media Application



I am gathering info on building a new app.

The basic requirements for this app are:

  1. The user authenticates to my app. ( i figured out how to do this with the Oauth protocol.No problem here)

  2. The user will be able to see his or hers twitter feed directly in my app.The big problem is that the rest api has a limit and the streaming api from what i read is not 100 per cent reliable.I am also unable to find documentation on the streaming api limit.


The Streaming API is limited to 1% of the total firehose volume, and depending on the kind of connection (userstreams or public stream) you get a limited number of connections and filter terms.

To display a user timeline you can use the REST API methods. Under normal circumstances the rate limit on GET statuses/user_timeline for an individual authenticated user (180 calls in a 15 minute window) should be fine for this, I think? You also have the option on mobile of using the Fabric SDK methods to display timelines inside your app.


I found the GET statuses/home_timeline

Which is exactly what i need.However im not sure about the api limit.

it says 15 calls per 15 minutes per user.

Does that mean that if i have 15 users i can make 150 calls in a 15 minute window?

another question what is the difference between home_timeline and user_timeline.



Ah, you’re right - I mixed up user and home timeline.

For user timeline, you’re getting back the profile Tweets for a user (what you see if you visit an account’s homepage). There’s a rate limit per user of 180 calls per 15 min window.

For home timeline, it is more restricted. That timeline is the one that a logged-in user sees, i.e. everyone they are following. That tends to be a lot more busy, so the rate limit is lower (roughly one call every minute) to save on potential load.

If you are operating under user authentication, then each instance of your application (authenticated as a different user) effectively is rate limited separately. So, 10 logged in users could each make 15 calls in 15 minutes (150 calls in total, but only 15 per user, you can’t “share” that across user tokens).

Note that home timelines require user authentication; user timelines can be retrieved without logging in, i.e. under app authentication, but the rate limit is limited differently.


thank you andy, that is exactly what i wanted ( and hoped ) to hear.