New "read & write" permission and new policy with a phone number


Dear support team,

I have been looking for a valid response from another threads but I have not see something that help me.

When I have changed my app’s permission from “Read only” to “Read and Write” a warning is showed with the next error:

ErrorYou must add your mobile phone to your Twitter profile
before granting your application write capabilities. Please read
for more information

When I try to set my phone number to my account in “setting” and I try to register in Spain with Telefónica carrier, the system return next message:

Sorry, we don’t have a connection to your carrier yet!

How can I set my phone to my account for to can change permission to my app?


If you have an iPhone you can go to Settings > Security and add your phone number there.


Thank you, @isaach but I have not an Iphone. Another idea?


You should be able to log in to, go into settings, and add your phone number there. Apologies for the hassle.


Thank you for your response @isaach.

Finally, I contacted with support of Twitter. They have activated my account for to can change permission without a telephone number associated and now it’s works.


Good news. I’m glad you got it sorted.