New rate limit on Search API for specific #hashtag-based Tweetchats?


I develop an app that accesses Twitter content via the Search API. It can search by keywords or by specific hashtag. Most of the keyword and/or hashtag searches I’ve run recently return up to 1500 tweets per search, as expected. However, over the past few days, I’ve noticed that many searches for specific hashtags that are known “Tweetchats” are only returning a maximum of 100 tweets via the Search API.

Is there a new undocumented rate limit of 100 tweets that has been set on specific #hashtags that represent Tweetchats?

For example, every one of these hashtags are tweetchat related and they all return a maximum of 100 tweets per search:
and many others…

FYI… when I search for other #hashtags that are NOT tweetchat related (they’re just general topic-related hashtags), they return up to 1500 tweets, as expected. There is no unusual 100-tweet limit.


Same issue here.