New platform questions regarding automation and links


Hi All!

We are in the process of developing a new platform that allows users to share relevant content to their Twitter time lines via other user’s within their community. We wanted to ask a few questions to make sure that we would not violate any TOS either with the developer’s side or automation side.

A brief overview of the concept without going to far into details.

Users would be able to join a community within the platform that is of interest to them. For example let’s say dogs. Once that user has joined the community, they will then find others within the community that have shared their tweet within the community. If a user finds the tweet interesting, they would be allowed to retweet the original tweet.

We understand that we must respect the wishes of the users by allowing a tweet to be removed from the community should the original tweet be removed from their Twitter time line. We also have some code in place that helps with that functionality.

So here’s a few questions I have to make sure that we are within all the guidelines of Twitter.

  1. Are users of the community able to schedule a retweet at intervals of say 2, 5, 10, 30 and 60 minutes?
    It’s believed that so long as the automation respects the wishes of the user scheduling and doesn’t exceed the rate limit of the user’s tokens, this is acceptable. We would like to confirm or deny this.

  2. Is it an acceptable practice to setup two sets application keys for the platform? One for “writing” and one for “reading” on behalf of the users? We have seen some mentions of this in these forums but would like to confirm that is acceptable usage from Twitter.

  3. Does the platform fall within the TOS of Twitter?
    From what we have researched, so long as we respect the wishes of the end user, stay within the guidelines of automation, and keep information up to date, it doesn’t seem like it would be a problem. But we would like some feedback from a Twitter Staff member on this.

Based on some research, we’ve found that users generally want relevant content that is in line with their Twitter account. If the case of a community about dogs, the user would share/retweet items that were of interest to them about dogs. The end users would get to pick and choose what tweets were more in line with what they put on their time line.

Of course the platform would always update itself based on different variables like, removing tweets that no longer exist, removing tweets that were set to private, the ability to remove their Twitter account from a community or even the entire platform, as well as keeping their information up to date in the platform by reading their Twitter profile details consistently.

Looking forward to hearing some feedback on this. Thank you!


Thanks for asking! While we aren’t able to review or provide specific feedback on particular applications, there are a few general points you should bear in mind:

  • If your service offers automated retweet functionality, you should be mindful of the Twitter Rules and Automation Rules. As you’ve recognized, it’s important to get user consent before retweeting content on their behalf. You should also avoid aggressive, bulk, or spammy retweeting. For example, automatically retweeting any Tweets that match a given search query would be considered spammy behavior, and is prohibited under the Twitter Rules.
  • The only circumstance under which the use of multiple API keys is permitted is for development, staging, and production instances of an individual service. Using different keys for different parts of the same service isn’t permitted. You can learn more here.
  • The Developer Policy restricts the creation of services which replicate the core functions of Twitter, and entirely prohibits the creation of services which use Twitter content as the basis for an alternative social networking or status update service or platform.