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Hi, I am new to the Twitter developer community. I just wanted to introduce myself. And I was wondering what it means to be a Twitter developer, and how to use a Twitter card.


Hey and welcome on the Twitter Developer Forum! Being a Twitter Dev means that you are developing things that use or integrate Twitter services or features. For example using Twitter Cards on your Website.
Twitter Cards provide Twitter users more information about links that you share to your site on Twitter, allowing different kind of cards which show a small preview of what they can expect on the page you linked to.

There are a number of different card types:

Adding a Twitter Card to your website is relatively easy if you have a basic understanding of HTML, it requires adding special meta tags to your head section of the page. (In case you are using Wordpress or similar CMS, there is a good chance that you will find plugins that do that for you)

More information you can find on the documentation pages!