New Embedded Timeline - OMG Seriously?


@Twitter, @All
So with the new ‘Embedded Twitter Timeline’ coming from Twitter and having everyone using some sort of JS or other widget solution to move to the new Timeline, I was told by one of the Twitter Advocates at Twitter that we are not going to be able to use the and the JS widget solution, anymore because it will start to break.
This one
new TWTR.Widget({// parameters go here});

This is ridiculous because I manage a website that has multiple Twitter feeds per person on our staff. Does this mean I have to make a new widget FOR EACH of my staff members on our site? I used to be able to pass a parameter of the @ScreenName to the Javascript and reuse the Javascript per page so that each staff member’s page generated their Twitter widget. Now there is NO parameter to do this with the new Embedded Timeline platform. It seems like I have to create a widget for EACH person. Which makes TOO much work for any web developer with multiple people using Twitter feeds. Each widget gets its own ID it looks like. Making it completely self contained and not modular AT ALL.

It seems like this new Widget system is a step backwards and not very modular. Can you upgrade the widget code so we can just pass the UserName or the Search query into it? Right now it seems like it is becoming useless if I have to create a new widget for EACH person.

@Twitter, please respond with any ideas or solutions I can use.


We have given in and found a way around this. Thanks.


Can you please provide the solution ?