New: Edit your Fabric generated Twitter keys at


Fabric automatically generates Twitter API keys for you to use when you use Twitter or Digits in your app. These keys are provisioned properly to access all the features from Fabric’s TwitterKit.

Your users see the provisioned name when they manage access to their account on Twitter’s settings, or when logging in via an oAuth webview. Now you can edit the properties of these Twitter keys on your Twitter dashboard at You can easily change your application’s name on Twitter, description, website, callback urls, or change your token to be read-only.

Try it today by logging into your Twitter Dashboard at

(Changes may take up to an hour to take effect. )


Awesome. Thanks for listening and making the changes.



Is there a way to upload a picture for this app? It looks pretty shady not to have one.


We are still seeing old info (self-generated - e.g. “…by Fabric”) for our app after few days and as there’s no way to change the pic for the app it looks shady.


I have the same problem. I changed the name of the app at several days ago, but I am still seeing the name “Authorize Created by Fabric for …” on the authorization web page.


I have the same problem too. I changed Application name on Twitter dashboard few days ago, but "Created by Fabric for … on ios* is still shown as a application name on oAuth WebView.

How can I change application name shown on oAuth WebView?


Same problem.
Is there any way to turn off this registration page and redirect the user to settings (in case of ios) instead?


Siz kime şekil yapıyosunuz!


This is still not working. Are there any updates on this issue?


The same problem with the app name.


Seeing the same issue. Despite changing details on over a week ago, the default details are still showing.


I am also seeing the same problem. Could you please mail me the steps I need to do for getting this fixed…my mail id is robinverma (at) gmail (dot) com


I’m a bit confused by this. Does this replace having to create the app at I have tried creating and using both consumer key/secrets from both places but I get error code 400 regardless.


You can continue to use to create your app keys if you choose - and then put them into your Fabric app. Alternatively, you can let Fabric generate them for you, and then manage the app at


I am stuck in the onboarding process so cannot access this dashboard.

Is it possible to use Twitter without fabric please as it requires that app to be open which breaks the build if you have multiple engineers working on it who don’t need fabric installed.

Essentially we will have consider not using Twitter login as this new process is invasive and cumbersome for large teams.



For all still having problems with ‘refreshing’ this app info after changing it,
try to ‘force’ reconfigure TwitterKit via Fabric App (by clicking on ‘installed’ button and going over setup again),
also check your data for consumerKey and consumerSecret inside Info.plist.


Yes. You can change the icon of the app in settings. Not in dashboard. But not every image matches. I haven’t found the requirements, but one image is good and other is not.


I had the same problem until recreated app in Fabric.