New Direct Messages List API is super slow


I’ve been implementing the new Direct Messages REST API and the list API is very slow to receive new message events. I’m seeing a delay in the 1 to 2 minute range from the time I send a DM from one account to the time that the new list API has it for the recipient account. I get the streaming event instantly, of course - it’s just the REST API that seems to have a huge lag time. Is this expected or temporary behavior?


This is expected. This is a fill-in behaviour to supplement the Account Activity API, rather than something that should be assumed to be near real-time. I’m unable to comment on the specific latency, however.


Unfortunately we haven’t been granted access to the Account Activity API. This is all a bit frustrating since I wanted to get on top of this change, did a bunch of work, changed a bunch of app internals to support the new format, and now… it’s a much worse user experience which can only maybe be made better in our case by yet another new API that we don’t even have access to. :frowning: