New direct_messages/events/list request doesn't contain screen names



I am working on migrating from the old way of retrieving direct messages to using the new request (since the old one is being shut down in June)

With the old request, it gave the screen names of the person who sent the direct message. With it gives very limited information, and only the ID of the user. That means I’d have to do another call on the Twitter API.

Am I missing something here or was this a deliberate omiossion from the new Direct Message API?


This is not a deliberate omission but yes it is a change in behaviour. Given all twitter accounts do have unique identities what is the issue here?


Thanks, @andypiper

Well I just wanted to display the direct messages with their authors with the data from one request. With the old method, I could get the screen name and the message in one go. With the new system (unless I am missing something), as well as making the events/list.json request, I’ll need to cycle through all the IDs and request the screen name.