New Direct Message .xml request returns error 34 "Sorry, that page does not exist"


Sending a DM via returns …

Http: 404
<error code="34">Sorry, that page does not exist</error>

Messages sent via function properly.

We noticed this error last week. Prior to the error we used which began to error assuming due to the api being updated. When updating to the 1.1 api we found that the xml request was not supported.

Is this a bug? Or will all requests lose support for a xml response?


Hi there,

Yes, API v1.1 is JSON-only. XML is not supported at all in API v1.1.


$url = “” ;
$res=$tweet->post($url, array(‘text’ => “$text”,‘screen_name’ => “$screen_name”));

stdClass Object ( [errors] => Array ( [0] => stdClass Object ( [message] => Sorry, that page does not exist [code] => 34 ) ) )

I am not getting what is the mistake.


I’m having the same issue as @sankukatti