New developer API application status wait tIme (beta list)



I just signed up for the Developer API (premium) and was put on the “beta wait list” (ouch! - insulted and waitlisted). I was curious if anyone has a ballpark estimate of the review time before approval. I was going to use the Search API with the 30 day lookback limit if that has any bearing on the matter. It is for a grad school project and it is time sensitive, so I may need to scrap my project topic if the approval time is tentatively long in the beta line.


Hi @BigDataOmega - Thank you for applying to use the new premium APIs! Please don’t feel insulted that we added you to a waitlist - at the moment that is happening for all users as we go through this early period. We are currently in the process of evaluating all applications and will let users know if/when they are approved. We have capacity constraints during the Beta and apologise that not everyone may be granted access at this time. We will let you know as soon as we have reviewed your application. We’re currently unable to provide an estimate for approval times.

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