New developer account, cannot change app permisions


I just started using my recently approved developer account. When I create an app, it has only Read and Write permissions, with no option to change them. How can I get the permission to Access Direct Messages?
I’ll appreciate any help


On the app details screen, there should be a tab labelled Permissions. Is that not showing for you?


It does, but the Permission tab has only Read and Write an no option to change it. I am attaching a screenshot. Am I not seeing something?


There should be an Edit button top right.


Unfortunately, there is none. Here is the full page as I see it. Is there someone I could contact about this?


That looks like there’s something wrong with the page rendering too wide on the screen. I’ll have to ask the team that looks after the dashboard. What browser are you using?


Internet Explorer 11. And you are correct–that was the problem I just tried it in Chrome and I can see it now. I did not even think about it, I am a total noob :flushed:
Thank you for your help!


We greatly appreciate you pointing out the flaw in Internet Explorer! Glad you got this to work in Chrome.

Happy developing!

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