New Bid Types?



Are there new bid types available via the API? Giving the user access to bid types that optimize towards an action (clicks, installs, conversions) would be great.

I checked the recent changes and there doesn’t appear to be anything there.



@rg_dev Objective-based Campaigns have indeed been available in the API since August 2014. Additionally, the optimization parameter was made available on the line_item endpoints to enable finer objective-based adjustments. See the update from March 4, 2015.


A few followup questions, where my reading of the documentation didn’t seem to give a conclusive answer:

  1. As described here:, Campaign objectives include “APP_ENGAGEMENTS”, “APP_INSTALLS”. Both of these have app cards and bid types based on CPAC (App Clicks). What is the difference? Is there a different algorithm used somewhere for each? If so, what is used to measure engagements?

  2. There seems to be a new “bid_unit” parameter for line items, available for the “APP_INSTALLS” objective. The documented values include (APP_CLICK, APP_INSTALL, ENGAGEMENT, FOLLOW, LEAD, LINK_CLICK, VIEW), from the enumerations page. Is it described anywhere how these work? (I.e. precisely what an ENGAGEMENT, FOLLOW or LEAD is, in the context of a mobile app install ad?)

  3. Is it correct that these bid units are not available for the APP_ENGAGEMENTS objective, i.e. you can’t bid on engagements of a campaign with the engagement objective? And if you want to bid on engagements you need an APP_INSTALLS objective?