New attachment_url option is now live on the Tweet endpoints



Per our recent communications around the upcoming changes to Tweets, the new attachment_url option is now available on the POST statuses/update endpoint. This change enables certain Twitter URLs to no longer count against the 140 characters of text inside a Tweet. You can learn more by clicking through to the animation attached to the Tweet below.

Documentation on how this works is currently available in the upcoming changes to Tweets single page on In the future, the new options will be added to the individual API endpoint pages.

Note that, for correctly-formatted responses, you also add the tweet_mode=extended parameter, unless compatibility mode is desired - this will avoid any truncation of the content of the Tweet, but also requires handling with the tweet_mode=extended parameter on retrieval of new Tweets. Look for both extended and compatibility mode format Tweets in the Streaming API as well from now on.

This is the first stage of a rollout of additional changes to the format of Tweet objects to enable a more expressive experience on Twitter. Look out for further details in the coming months, related to the announced changes to replies and conversations discussed in May.

If you have questions about these changes, please use the extended-tweet tag to mark your posts in the forums - Thanks! The team look forward to working with you on helping to answer questions, and to seeing what you build with this additional functionality!

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