New application mental block


Please excuse me if this is a really stupid question but I seem to be missing something here.

I have an idea for an application but I haven’t gotten the domain yet nor do I know the Callback URL.

I want to develop my application and test it locally but I need the Consumer Key in order to use the API.

So how do I get the key without anything online? I’m clearly missing something fundamental here but I feel like I’m in a “chicken or egg” scenario.

Thanks for your help.



To get yourself through the app registration process, I recommend just using placeholders for things you don’t know the answer to yet. might work for your site URL. You’ll want to supply something similar for the callback URL as well.

To invoke the OAuth 1.0A sequence once you have your API keys, you’ll need to dynamically set an oauth_callback value on the oauth/request_token step – that process allows you to use a non-public URL or IP address while the app registration interface will not – so it’s common to just use a placeholder value when registering your app anyway.


Thanks for the quick response.

I will do just as you suggested and finally start my project.

Again, thank you.